What to Look For in a Couple Pillow That Lights Up

What to Look For in a Couple Pillow That Lights Up

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You’ve heard about the latest couple pillow, but aren’t quite sure what to look for in the best one. Are you looking for a pillow that’s comfortable but doesn’t break the bank? Or maybe you’re in the market for a light-up pillow that can send your partner a sweet message? Whatever your reason, this pillow can make your love life brighter and more fun. Here are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing the best one.

125 GSM microfiber couple pillow

One way to show your love is with a 125 GSM microfiber couple pillow. It’s the perfect gift for long distance lovers who miss sleeping with their significant others. This pillow has a message on it that will remind you and your partner that you’re not apart for long. It also features a CPSIA-approved digital dyeing process that makes washing and drying easy and will keep it looking great.

Stick figures on the pillowcases

This romantic gift is a sweet way to show your love for one another. This couple pillow comes with two pillowcases printed with two stick figures. One holds a bouquet of flowers and the other reaches out to grab the bouquet. The pillow is made of 100% natural cotton with red embroidery, which adds to the quality of the pillow. The pillow can be washed on cold or warm, and tumbled dry on low.

Internet-enabled device

The Internet-enabled Pillow Talk is an interactive couple pillow that lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat even when you’re miles apart. The pillow emits a muffled sound of your partner’s heartbeat. The pillow is designed to communicate with your partner through Bluetooth and the app you download before you go to bed. It’s an excellent way to stay connected while you sleep.

The pillow is fitted with a sensor that can be worn by the wearer. An Internet-enabled pillow can then send a signal to the other pillow, which in turn lights up when the wearer lays on it. This way, lovers can spend more time together than ever before. The pillow is especially useful if you’re in a long-distance relationship. You can even hear your partner’s heartbeat in real-time just by putting your head on it. But if your partner is a light sleeper, you may not like the glowing or pulsing pillow.


A couple pillow that light up is a great way to remind your partner of your love. You can choose from a variety of themes and even customize it with your names, dates, or symbols of love. The lights change color slowly and the pillows are made of soft material. The pillow can also be battery operated. It is not cheap, however, so it’s important to check the star rating and read product reviews. This pillow may be out of stock at times, so you’ll have to look for other websites that sell couple pillows.

Where to buy

The sweet message on a couple pillow will remind the couple they are not separated forever. The pillow is made of 125 GSM luxury microfiber, the same density as 1200T cotton, and works with a LDR pillow talk device. The switch for turning on the pillow is battery operated. You can choose from a range of themes such as puppy love, high school sweethearts, and more. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your partner or just want to show your love, this pillow is sure to be the perfect touch.

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