Types of Couple Pillow Light Up

Types of Couple Pillow Light Up

couple pillow light up

You can get a couple pillow light up that communicates with each other, triggering the other pillow to light up when one of you places your head on it. If you’re a couple, this can be a romantic gesture that keeps you connected. These pillow lights can be a great way to surprise your partner on their special day. There are many types of couple pillow light up, including internet enabled, heartbeat, Glow in the dark, and Stick figures.

Stick figures

A romantic gift for your sweetheart would be to give her a couple pillow light up with stick figures. This pillow case comes in a set with two pillowcases. Both pillowcases feature stick figures from a children’s book. The characters are sweet and innocent. A boy stick figure blows bubbles that form hearts for his girl stick figure. This pillow is a perfect gift to show how much you care about your partner.


Those who are in long-distance relationships will appreciate this Internet-enabled couple pillow. Designed to show your partner you’re thinking of them, the pillow light up with a message that reminds them of each other. Made of 125 GSM luxury microfiber, which is equivalent to 1200T cotton, the pillow will be a sweet reminder of your relationship. Not only will this pillow make your partner feel loved, but it will also brighten up their day!

The pillow also includes a long-distance heartbeat monitor and a speaker. Couples can use Pillow Talk to hear each other’s heartbeat while they’re sleeping. To use Pillow Talk, both partners wear wristbands that transmit the heartbeats in real-time. According to Drouin, hearing and feeling each other’s heartbeats strengthens their emotional bond. With the Pillow Talk, couples can feel more connected than ever before.

In addition to the pillow that lights up, the pillow that is worn by one partner has a sensor embedded in its ring. This sensor allows the pillow to wirelessly communicate with the other person’s pillow. If the other person is near, the glowing pillow indicates his or her presence. It even has a speaker that allows you to hear your partner’s heartbeat, which may be uncomfortable for light sleepers.

Glow in the dark

A couple pillow that glows in the dark can be a great way to express your love for each other. Some pillows even have a wireless ring sensor that connects to your partner’s heart. Once your partner is asleep, you just place your head on the glowing pillow and listen to their heartbeat. The glowing pillow can even be used as a teddy bear. You can even have your pillow talk to your lover and see what their heartbeat is like.

This pillow is made of 100 microfiber polyester fabric for durability and easy cleaning. It also comes with premium cotton stuffing for a luxurious feel. Another cool feature of this pillow is that it requires no batteries! These pillows are perfect for last-minute gifts and can even look normal during the day! If you are looking for a great last-minute gift for your partner, consider a Couple pillow glows in the dark.


The Couple pillow lights up with your heartbeat – and it doesn’t even need to be yours! Pillow Talk is an innovative concept for couples who live far apart. It uses a small speaker placed under the pillow to transmit the heartbeat of your partner to you. The device connects to the Little Riot mobile application and can be used to listen to your partner’s heartbeat wirelessly. While it’s not a real pillow, it is warm and cozy, and makes long-distance romance realistic.

Pillow Talk combines long-distance heartbeat monitors and a speaker to let you hear your partner’s heartbeat while you sleep. You wear a wristband that transmits your heartbeat to your partner’s pillow through the Internet, and the pillow sends real-time data to your mobile device. Drouin believes that hearing and feeling your partner’s heartbeat helps strengthen your emotional bond. The pillow’s audio connection helps you feel secure while sleeping and helps your partner get restful sleep.

While it’s rare for a couple to be able to see their partner’s heartbeat, technology is making it possible. Pillow Talk, created by Scottish designer Joanna Montgomery, uses a wearable heart sensor to detect your partner’s heartbeat and play it through the pillow’s speaker. It pairs with your smartphone to allow you to listen to your partner’s heartbeat in real time. While this solution isn’t as easy as it sounds, it will make sleeping with your lover that much more romantic!


An Eco-friendly couple pillow is the perfect gift for any couple who wants to light up their relationship. Made of luxury microfiber, this pillow has a message printed on it that reminds the couple that they are not apart forever, but will sleep together again one day. It’s also a fun way to show your love for one another, and is sure to spark a passionate conversation. The pillow comes with a removable light bulb, so you can change the color to match your decor.


Couple pillows are a perfect way to commemorate the love of a couple. Often featuring the photo of the couple, these pillow sets go beyond the usual sweet expressions. Instead, they work to deepen the bond between the couple. Couple pillows can be used by couples of any age or sex and can instantly change the ambiance of a bedroom. These pillows can also make great personalized gifts for lesbian couples.

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