Songs About Cats That Saved Lives

Songs About Cats That Saved Lives

songs about cats

There are many songs about cats. From Freddie Mercury’s “Delilah” to Celine Dion’s “Kitty Song,” cats are often the inspiration for artists. But there are also a number of songs about cats that have been instrumental in saving the lives of human beings. Read on for a few of my favorites. And if you’re looking for a more contemporary song, I recommend The Kinks’ “O’Malley the Alley Cat” and “Rum Tum Tugger.”

Freddie Mercury’s Delilah

A song dedicated to Freddie Mercury’s cat, Delilah, has been around for many years. Although Mercury loved all cats, Delilah stole his heart. Mercury composed the song as a tribute to the feline. In fact, the song’s title is a play on the name of Delilah. Delilah was the band’s first cat. It was released on the Queen album Classic.

Freddie Mercury adopted several cats and named three of them Delilah. Freddie adopted five cats from shelters and re-homed two, including Oscar. Freddie’s two cats, Romeo and Tiffany, were quite old when he passed. Several of the cats were named after Queen songs. Despite the names, all were very special to the band. Mary Austin adopted Oscar and Tiffany before Mercury’s death. However, Freddie later re-homed them.

Mercury lived in Kensington, England, with his girlfriend Mary Austin. Despite the breakup, they remained close. During his time at the mansion, Mercury rescued two cats from a Blue Cross shelter. One of these, Tiffany, was a longhaired bluepoint, and another, Oscar, originally belonged to one of Mercury’s partners. Mercury had a love of cats and often adopted them from the Blue Cross.

Despite the fame of Delilah, Freddie Mercury died tragically from AIDS-related bronchopneumonia. The band’s third album, Innuendo, was a huge success, but Mercury’s final masterpiece was less well received. It was a cult classic, despite Freddie Mercury’s frail appearance and deteriorating health. The album was a huge hit, selling over two million copies and garnering worldwide attention.

Queen was a rock band that gained international fame with the lead singer Freddie Mercury. The band was one of the most popular bands of all time, and Freddie was renowned for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave vocal range. He defied the conventions of rock frontmans and influenced the direction of Queen’s artistic direction. The band also toured the world with his album, which is still popular to this day.

Queen’s hit song ‘Delilah’ is an example of the band’s greatest hits. Mercury’s range, ranging from deep bass to high-pitched tenor, made it possible for the band to play more than one hit song at a time. Although Mercury’s vocal range was impressive, it did not come close to being as high as his legendary status. A remarkably diverse collection of songs made up the album.

Celine Dion’s Kitty song

In her 1996 pop song, Celine Dion thanks someone special for listening to her worries. Cat lovers know that their feline friend is a better listener than humans. In 1965, women tolerated the insult of being called “pussycat” and Tom Jones. But their patience was short-lived. Despite the negative feedback, women remained loyal to these men, and they were willing to listen to their songs.

During her Caesars Palace residency, Celine Dion performed “I’m Alive” five nights a week. In 2004, the song was released on the Live in Las Vegas CD, and on the DVD, A New Day…

The actress’s huge voice made the movie composers take notice. Disney chose Dion’s duet with Peabo Bryson for the credits of the movie Beauty and the Beast. Angela Lansbury had sung the original song for the movie, but the film featured the Dion version. The song made its debut on Celine Dion’s 1992 self-titled album. This song grew in popularity and earned the actress her first Oscar.

Another famous Celine Dion song is “Kitty,” from the 1993 CD with the same name. The song’s lyrics are descriptive and heartwarming, making it an excellent choice for a wedding playlist. The right song can set the mood and enhance your most special moments. Guests will be left feeling uplifted. So, how do you select the best wedding songs? The answers are as varied as the couple’s personalities.

The Kinks’ O’Malley the Alley Cat

The Kinks’ O’Mallay the Alley Cat is a popular song from the early 1970s. It tells the tale of a cat, and it is based on a game the band’s lead singer played in Victorian London. In the game, each guest describes the cat using a different adjective. Then, the other guests try to keep up the song by saying as many adjectives as possible.

The Kinks’ Rum Tum Tugger

The Kinks’ song “Rum-Tum-Tugger” makes a fun character study. The character is infamously difficult to please and does things the exact opposite of what others would expect of him. His perverse, self-centered, and independent attitude sets him apart from the other characters in the song. Although the character is self-centered, he does occasionally display moments of humility.

The song is set in the 1860s, and is part of an old Victorian parlor game. Each guest describes the cat using different adjectives. Then they try to keep the song going. This ad lib tradition lives on today. The Kinks’ version of the song is a delightful, humorous, and nostalgic look at life during Victorian times. You’ll be captivated by the song’s zany and endearing characters.

“The Rum-Tum-Tugger” is one of the most funky rock songs ever written. The tempo of this song is 120 beats per minute. It’s composed in A major and Tugger’s vocals span from D4 to D6. While the song doesn’t have any instrumental accompaniment, Tugger’s vocal range is wide and he revels in the attention.

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