Saudi Divorced Girl Sues Husband For Marriage Custody

Saudi Divorced Girl Sues Husband For Marriage Custody

saudi divorced girl for marriage

In a case of extreme gender inequality, a Saudi divorced woman is suing her husband to get custody of her young daughter. The woman was abused by her husband, Abdul Rahman, and his Sister-in-law, Imraa Muwazafa, who employed migrant workers and used them as their own domestic servants. The women’s attorneys are attempting to get the woman’s daughter back, but they are being denied.

Abdul Rahman’s abuse of ‘Samar

The case of Abdul Rahman, a Christian convert in Afghanistan, highlights a major conflict between Islamic law and democratic norms. The case highlights an ongoing argument within the Muslim community over the right to religious freedom. The judge in the case, Sima Samar, a former head of the Independent Human Rights Commission in Afghanistan, said that Rahman was mentally ill and needed treatment. The court’s ruling suggests that the Islamic law of apostasy is incompatible with the ultra-traditional Islam of Afghanistan.

Sister-in-law’s coaching of ‘Samar

The ‘Samar’ in the title refers to the ‘Sister-in-law’ who is the sister of the spouse of the sibling. The term is used in English-speaking countries where the local language makes a distinction. This word is used more commonly in the UK than in many other countries. While the term is primarily used for a husband’s sister, it is also used for his wife’s sister.

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