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Holiday in the Wild

holiday in the wild

Holiday in the Wild is a new Netflix original movie that follows New York housewife Kate Conrad as she books an extravagant honeymoon in Zambia with her workaholic husband. The honeymoon, however, is cut short when her husband decides to end their marriage before the plane even takes off, forcing Kate to continue her safari alone. The film follows Kate’s journey of discovery to find her true self, while her husband tries to make amends for the breakup.

Film review

Holiday in the Wild is an animated movie about elephants in Africa and their human protectors. It’s heartwarming and full of amiable performances, efficient directing, and just-right music. The film captures the essence of the animals and the region it is set in. Parents will appreciate the message this movie gives to the next generation, but it’s not for the faint of heart. The PG-rated film is best suited for children who are willing to sit through some emotional unrest.

It’s the perfect family movie, especially if you love animals. Holiday in the Wild isn’t sappy or predictable, but it’s a feel-good movie. Rob Lowe’s charming charm is apparent in everything he does, and Kristin Davis’ believable love for elephants is endearing. The movie is not just a happy ending; it’s a lesson in how to live life and appreciate the small things in life.

A traditional Christmas movie with a romantic edge, Holiday in the Wild stars Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis. The film’s love story centers on a divorced woman who goes on a safari in Africa to help elephants. But as the journey unfolds, she meets a rugged yet gentle pilot who saves her. The story has many heartwarming moments, but it’s a love triangle that might not last for long.


The trailer for Netflix’s rom-com, Holiday in the Wild, is delightfully corny. It is a rom-com with a twist, despite its predictable plot. The plot revolves around a scorned woman of privilege and a rugged pilot who must find each other on a Christmas safari. This film is an example of the type of rom-com that can make us forget about the holiday season.

Netflix recently announced their original holiday programming, which will begin Nov. 1. The film, starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis, will be available on the streaming service for the first time on November 1. The story centers around Kate, a recently divorced Manhattanite who returns home to a new life in the wild. She travels with her pilot, Derek, and finds a baby elephant, which she decides to nurse back to health.

While Kate’s safari ends early, she is persuaded to stay in the wildlife sanctuary until Christmas. A romantic relationship is soon to emerge between the two, as Kate reveals a new sense of purpose in the midst of a difficult life situation. The trailer for Holiday in the Wild shows us just how much Kate has changed. Once you watch it, you’ll be ready for the film’s Nov. 1 release date.


In Netflix’s new original movie, “Holiday in the Wild,” a divorced woman named Kate is determined to spend the holidays with her baby elephant after her marriage ends. After her divorce, Kate decides to take a second honeymoon on her own, this time in Africa. She meets a pilot, Derek, who takes her to see the African wildlife, including an orphaned elephant calf that was found next to its dead mother. Luckily, she stays in Africa until the end of the year to give the animal a chance to grow up.

In the film, Judy Davis, who is best known for her role on Sex and the City, stars as Kate Conrad, a workaholic whose honeymoon ends when her son goes off to college. Kate travels to Zambia on her own for the second time, and there, she meets a safari pilot named Derek Holliston. She falls in love with Lowe, and their adventure leads them to foster a baby elephant. The movie is set to premiere on Netflix Nov. 1, 2017.

HOLIDAY IN THE WILD is an exciting and heartwarming movie that promotes Christian morality while teaching the story of an elephant conservationist. Though it has a strong Christian moral stance, it contains elements that could be considered disturbing to some viewers. It is not suitable for children due to a scene of a dead elephant. It is, however, recommended for mature audiences who can handle some cheesy dialogue.


Holiday in the Wild is a new romantic comedy to hit Netflix this holiday season. Starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis, this film is a quirky, offbeat take on the traditional holiday romance. If you’ve been looking for a holiday film to watch with your family, consider giving this one a try. It’ll make you think about the things you love most about the holiday season – and maybe even fall in love with a new man.

Despite its name, Holiday in the Wild is not the worst rom-com on Netflix. That honor goes to the Christina Milian-starring ‘Falling Inn Love.’ Fortunately, the film isn’t as predictable as it is sweet. Though the film features a well-behaved boy, the romantic storyline is predictable and the premise isn’t challenging. Even kids will enjoy the film, but be aware of its overly-familiar plotlines and over-the-top characters.

The film’s music helps to elevate the film’s message. In the movie, African choral performances of traditional Christmas carols work as cute touches. The movie isn’t perfect, but it does feature adorable elephants, a heart-warming message, and enough treacle to drown it in. If it were, Holiday in the Wild would have made more of a splash on Netflix, but at least it was better than nothing.

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