Free Gift With Purchase From Author Jackie Pilossoph

Free Gift With Purchase From Author Jackie Pilossoph

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Author Jackie Pilossoph is known for her romantic comedies. She’s also a columnist for the Pioneer Press and 22nd Century Media. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from Boston University and lives in Chicago with her family. Her next novel is currently in the works. You can learn more about Jackie by reading about her work and her experiences. She’ll also tell you about her free gift with purchase, so make sure you check it out!

Divorced Girl Smiling

Divorced Girl Smiling, a website and podcast, has a worldwide following, and founder Jackie Pilossoph has a dual mission: to help other divorced people get over their ex, and to empower entrepreneurs to create business models that make their lives easier. Pilossoph has a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, and is a former television news reporter and writer for the Chicago Tribune.

The “Divorced Girl Smiling” website consists of articles and personal stories by women who have recently divorced. The content is not sugar-coated, but offers a space for women to reflect, accept their past mistakes, and appreciate life’s blessings. The site is an open and honest place where readers can find support and inspiration, as well as the occasional laugh or big hug.

One of Jackie Pilossoph’s best-selling books is Divorced Girl Smiling – How to Keep Your Head Up in the Wake of a Divorce

Free Gift With Purchase

If you’re looking for a good read, try the free gift with purchase from Jackie Pilossoph. In this book, two women – Emma, the stereotypical party girl, and Laura, a doctor who works long hours, have one thing in common. Each woman is a widow and in need of love, while the other was dumped by a cheating husband. Together, they face the challenges of finding happiness.

Jackie Pilossoph is the author of two novels and regular blogger for Huffington Post, as well as the Divorced Girl Smiling blog. Her advice columns are full of humor, resources, and support for divorced women. She is also the author of two books and a free gift with purchase on her site. Regardless of your situation, you will be glad you purchased her books.

Jackie Pilossoph’s career

Jackie Pilossoph’s career spans a wide variety of topics. Her weekly advice column “Love Essentially” aims to inspire readers and offers advice on various subjects. She is a former newspaper features writer and television personality. She also created the divorce support website “Divorced Girl Smiling.” Pilossoph is based in Chicago and has a Masters in journalism from Boston University.

In addition to writing romance novels, Jackie Pilossoph is a newspaper columnist for the Pioneer Press and 22nd Century Media. She earned a master’s degree in journalism from Boston University. She currently lives in Chicago with her family, and is working on her next novel. She is known for her ability to bring light to tough issues while keeping her work and family lives in perspective. In addition to writing, Pilossoph’s career has included a number of television and radio interviews.

After undergoing a divorce herself, Jackie decided to turn her experience into a positive force. She created a website, Divorced Girl Smiling, to provide divorce information in a colorful and positive way. Divorce can be a very stressful and painful experience, so Jackie wanted to give women a reason to smile. By offering a website with positive content, she aimed to change the way people think about divorce.

Her divorce

The author of Divorced Girl Smiling and the creator of the podcast “Divorced Girl Smiling,” Jackie Pilossoph, offers some divorce advice in this interview with Robert K. Elder. The two discuss her new novel, “Divorced Girl Smiling,” and her experience writing a weekly dating advice column for Sun-Times Media Local. Her divorce is a timely topic.

In her first appearance on The Advice Show, Jackie Pilossoph shared how she managed to survive her divorce. She shared how she managed to meet new people after the divorce, and not get married too soon. But she did get some bad advice. She listened to the advice and started meeting new people. But, she says, her divorce made her question her marriage and her ability to parent her kids. After all, she was a mother, so her divorce was a learning experience for her.

After announcing her divorce, Jackie explains that she experienced several emotions after the separation. “I was shocked, sad, and angry,” she says. “But I didn’t let my anger stop me from trying to fix my relationship.” While divorce is never easy, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a life-changing experience and a powerful tool for navigating conflicting emotions. With support, Jackie Pilossoph shares her story.

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