A Child of Divorce Movie Review

A Child of Divorce Movie Review

child of divorce movie

If you are looking for the best child of divorce movies, look no further. This article has reviewed several films, including Moffet, Wilderness Love, and A.C.O.D., which all focus on different aspects of a child’s life during a divorce. Check out my review of all four movies to find out if any of them are worth your time. You may also want to check out my other articles on divorce, child custody, and child support.


The little girl’s heart breaks after her parents’ divorce. Sharyn Moffet, Regis Toomey, and Madge Meredith play her parents. Sharyn Moffett, in a dramatic role, makes the character even more lovable. Despite the painful events of her parents’ divorce, the little girl is a lovable and endearing presence in the movie.

In 1946, she became a contract actor at RKO Radio Pictures, where she played a young child devastated by a divorce. She later played the younger daughter in Mr. Blandings’s Dream House, directed by Richard Fleischer. The movie was remade several times, first as The Money Pit (1986) and then as Are We Done Yet? (2007). It also had a remake in 2007.

Despite the positive reviews, this movie is hardly a masterpiece. Despite its tepid script, it’s a charming, well-acted ensemble. Amy Poehler rises above her caricature role as a divorced woman studying the effects of divorce on children. However, the script and cast are far from perfect, and Zicherman could use more time with the Criterion Collection before making a movie that works for the critics.

While Bobby’s joy is curtailed by her introduction to the new woman, Louise Norman, Bobby’s joy at seeing her father is suddenly tempered by his grief. She is sent to a country boarding school, and Ray has since remarried and cut short his visit to the school. Bobby is comforted by a wise young roommate who has divorced parents. The child’s traumatic experiences lead her to a conclusion that her father was right to send her away.


In the film Stepmom, a terminally ill woman and her stepfather have a child. The father suddenly moves in with his new lover, and the children switch from their parents to their stepmother, Jackie. This makes the stepmother’s role even more difficult. And while she is no saint, she is definitely a decent diversion from her life as a divorce attorney.

It is often the case that the stepmom in a child of divorce movie does not get the recognition she deserves. Although she loves the children her stepfather brought into her life, her needs often get lost in the shuffle. But, the stepmother is expected to love and care for her step-kids in ways that are neither too motherly nor too cold. And the family income is often divided. It’s no wonder that she often feels betrayed and discouraged by her stepchildren.

In the movie, the Stepmom, who resembles a stepfather, becomes a co-parent. Jack and Melanie are separate, workaholics who must oversee the other parents’ kids. Despite this setback, both adults learn to work together for the kids. But the stepmom is the first to admit that she put aside her personal motherhood plans. In the end, she finds the strength to be a stepmother to Sunny.

The film Boyhood (2014) is a thought-provoking drama about the challenges faced by a stepfamily. It tackles philosophical and mature themes and offers challenging talking points. And the best movies provide some of the most important conversations. While most of these films focus on the tough stuff, a good one to consider is Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), starring Robin Williams. While this comedy does not make light of the situation, it can be helpful for your child to see that divorce isn’t as bad as it is made out to be.

Wilderness Love

“Wilderness Love” is the latest retelling of classic movies about parental separation and the effect on children. It follows the story of three children and gives parents an excellent starting point for a more in-depth discussion. In fact, you may even use this movie to clarify your child’s thoughts about the divorce. However, there are some key differences between Wilderness Love and its predecessors. Here are some things you should keep in mind before watching Wilderness Love.

The film begins with the story of Jesse and Susannah, who were once in love and had three children. They spent ten years living in a cabin in the Alaska wilderness where they ran a fishing and tracking business. The two eventually divorce, but still get along. Susannah’s children decide to send an ad for an unwed parent to a magazine in Alaska. But Jesse and Susannah’s children are horrified by the response and decide to move forward with their relationship.


While “A Child of Divorce” may be a comedy, it’s a highly unfunny one. This 87-minute film is rife with cliches, smug faces, over-the-shoulder shots, and cliches. It’s also a pretty bad movie, and I hope you don’t end up in the same situation as me.

Compared to previous cinematic portrayals of broken marriages, “A Child of Divorce” shows that there are other ways to handle the situation. The film is also a useful educational tool for young viewers, because it presents alternatives to acrimonious divorce. Children should be educated on what they can expect from sex, for example, and parents should discuss what they want for their kids. The movie also focuses on what not to do.

Children don’t like to feel strange. They don’t want to be treated like possessions or incapable of making their own lifestyle choices. The movie highlights the negative impact of this label on children. The film shows Henry spending two Halloweens with his parents, as opposed to one with each parent. Although the movie makes this situation realistic, it also demonstrates the destructive effects of divorce. While children don’t feel comfortable with the idea of two Halloweens, it shows that children who have divorced parents feel very differently about each other.

Despite being about a child’s childhood, the movie is still an adult comedy. Though the film is a comedy, it might be too adult for young children to enjoy. The movie is rated R for adults, but younger kids will likely find it boring. The movie will appeal to adults, but younger kids should not be put off by this. However, if you want to watch this movie with your kids, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The film follows the lives of a middle-class Manhattan family. Pat and Alan are god-tier parents, but the daughter Dana is the one who is struggling to accept her engagement to Ben. Despite her best efforts, the relationship between the two becomes strained. At the end, she goes back to her childhood bedroom to escape Ben, but it has an unexpected consequence. It’s not until she learns how to take care of herself, however, that the film becomes an emotional and psychological success.

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